Volunteer Nurses Needed ASAP

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August 12, 2021

Volunteer Nurses Needed ASAP

Partnering for the betterment of Hawaii!

An urgent request from the executive director of Kokua Kalihi Valley Community Health Center (KKV), Dr. David Derauf, and former AMM board member Curtis Toma. The health center has been constrained by a severe staff shortage while facing a disproportionately high rate of Covid infections in their service area.

Already a vaccine and testing center is in operation for the area but they are also seeking to start up a monoclonal antibody (remdesivir) clinic to treat outpatients with Covid and to protect vulnerable patients who have no choice but to live in high-risk family settings.

If you (nurses, NP’s, PA’s, and even MD’s) would be able and willing to volunteer at the KKV clinic by administering vaccines and/or monoclonal antibody, any time allotment would be appreciated, so a typical stint might be 4-5 hrs a week, more, of course, if you are able.

If you are interested please click here or email us at info@alohamedicalmission.org and use the subject line “KKV”.  Mahalo!